(whisper) “up to” (shout) “50% OFF EVERYTHING”

By ShayneT  -  On 28 Feb, 2013 -  4 comments

Marketers we can do better …

up to

How companies get away with this frustrates me.

We have laws about false and misleading conduct and just last night I watched a TV add that made this claim yet again. This is clearly written, displayed and said in a way to fool people into thinking everything is 50% off.

It might not be false, but it’s downright misleading.

I’d take…

“Up to 50% off”

“Everything on Sale – up to 50% Off”

I love sales, I love ethical marketing, but this infuriates me.

If you’re that desperate to get customers in your store, online or off, take a good hard look at your products, price and customer experiences. Don’t depend on piss-poor and in my opinion illegal promotions to keep your business going.

… and Dear ACCC, please invest some money to take a few to task on this. The more you’re silent, the more people will feel as though they can get away with it. It’s not about fines, it’s about teaching these companies what’s right.

The ripple effect will be magic.

Okay I’ve got that out… Time to do something┬ápositive.