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The top 5 moments that had the biggest impact on my career

By ShayneT  -  On 05 Apr, 2014 -  10 comments

When I reflect a little on where my career is today and where I was over 20 years ago, one thing that’s never changed is the blood sweat and tears I put into everything I do, and the growing list of people I will have an everlasting appreciation and respect for. I do tend to

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Inspiration is just noise unless there’s action (PBEVENT 2013)

By ShayneT  -  On 16 Sep, 2013 -  12 comments

With my 4th Proglogger Event now over, I can rest. I always feel that I have a unique view of the event. I have the honor to speak and share my own experience, I have the honor of being part of the PBEVENT team on the fringe (I can’t take much credit for the huge

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