• Hi...I'm Shayne

    A professional problem solver

    The world of the web is a wonderful thing. Like any world it has shining lights that inspire us, and darker corners that we'd really not like to talk about. My passion is simply trying to make sense of it all...

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  • Brands seem to trust me with their products.

    I'm truly honoured to have been given permission to tinker with some great online products and services over more than a decade ...

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  • And I've written a couple of books about it.

    I've managed to put pen to paper, well, keys to keyboard not once, but twice. My Mum still doesn't believe me.

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Helping others

Some of the most profound moments can be found sharing the success of others. Stand alone and everything’s hard. Stand together and we can achieve anything.

Leverage the web

The web doesn’t imitate life anymore, it is an intrinsic part of our world. It’s connected, captive and beautifully scalable. Long live the web!

To create beautiful solutions

Link the passion of people to the power of the web and you’ve got a problem solving match made in heaven. A beautiful story that can change lives.

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1. You’ll be scared There will be a thousand unknowns running through your head before you share your pride

“Every day presents a new challenge, which is just code for a new opportunity.”

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