Coaching and Mentoring

Blogger Coaching

1 hour session, usually once a month (more often if you’re about to do something significant.)

Focusing on:

… the stuff that puts money in the bank.

Cost: $297 per session + GST / Taxes

Availability: 8/8 spots filled.

Drop me an email if you are interested in claiming a free spot when it comes up.

What to expect:

These sessions are designed add a decade of experience in blog monetisation to your team.  It will often start with you needing help with one aspect of your blog — a product you’re launching (or thinking of launching). Or it might be that you have a million ideas running through your mind and you need some help on where to focus.

During the sessions (and after) you’ll have the ability to ask specific or bigger picture questions — we’ll put our minds together where you need it most. For these sessions to work you really need to bring some openness. Your dreams and aspirations are great, but your fears and your limitations also form a big part of the picture.

Startup and Corporate Consulting

1 day a week on-site (if possible).
1 hour a week
Ongoing support by phone / email / chat

Focusing on:

Cost: $5,000 per month + GST / Taxes

Availability: 4/5 spots filled.

Drop me an email if you are interested in claiming a spot.

What to expect:

When I partner with an organisation I like to approach it less thinking I’m a ‘consultant’ here to tell you what your doing wrong, more that I’m an extended part of the team. Whilst I don’t ask you to commit to a term, I view these relationships over a long term. It typically starts with an exploratory day where we’ll identify first if I can benefit your company, then if there is a fit between what you are trying to achieve and my values when it comes to running an online business — both are extremely important to me.

All things going to plan we’ll then set some objectives and go from there.

Why you might need my help:

You’re about to start something new: You might be a new startup or an existing business that’s about to bring something new to the digital space.

You’re not seeing the results you expected: You’ve launched something online and you’re just not seeing the results you expected.

You want to kick growth up another gear: You’re doing well, but want to accelerate your growth.

Note: All business relationships are non-competitive (ie I won’t work with two companies competing against each other.)

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