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Yes, I do offer coaching and mentoring

By ShayneT  -  On 06 Nov, 2013 -  0 comments

I get asked this a lot, and it’s not something I’ve been very public about as most ‘clients’ come to me through referrals, my work with Problogger, my books, my speaking engagements and so on. But yes I do offer coaching, mentoring and consulting for bloggers and businesses. I’ve put up a quick page that

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My Greatest Product Launch Of All Time

By ShayneT  -  On 16 Jan, 2013 -  6 comments

I’ve known this launch has been coming for a couple of months now, but you could say preparation for this one has been happening since the day I was born. Confused? Don’t worry so am I … With an all clear 13-week scan this morning I am proud to announce that in the middle of

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Peggy Sue — we will miss you …

By ShayneT  -  On 28 Oct, 2012 -  2 comments

Pets will always have a special place in our family. We consider our 3 dogs, 13 chooks, and 4 horses a treasured part of our lives. But no matter how strong the bond I hold with our furry or feathered or scaled family members, it will never reach the level of love shared between my

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