Releasing a digital product? I guarantee this will happen

By ShayneT  -  On 25 Sep, 2013 -  6 comments

1. You’ll be scared

There will be a thousand unknowns running through your head before you share your pride and joy with the world. What will people think will be your number 1. Will anyone buy it will be your number 2. You just need to push through. Even with 100 products behind me, I’m still scared the night before launch.

2. You won’t get a wink of sleep

Rest well in the lead up to launch because it’s unlikely you’ll get much sleep for a few days. It might be because everyone loves your product and your mind is buzzing with ideas, or it might be because you sold less than you expected. Either way say goodbye to the zzzz’s for a little while.

3. You’ll won’t be 100% happy with the end result

Even if you’re not a perfectionist you’ll still be thinking there is room for improvement in your product. You wonder if you should delay the launch to improve this bit and that. Go to the beach or a sandpit right now, draw a line in the sand and say done. It’s time to ship.

4. You’ll stuff something up

It might be a typo, you might forget to do something, email the wrong people, embarrass yourself in a media interview. We’re human after all, but try think more about the positives than what you’ll do better next time in the heat of the moment.

5. Someone will hate your product. And you might cry.

Someone will openly bag your product and it will feel like all your fears have come true. You might even cry and that’s okay. Not even google can be all things to all people, so you need to find the will to move on. You’ll never forget your first bad review, but remember good wins out over evil every time!

So move on …

Come to terms with the above. You are not alone, it happens to everyone so don’t fear it or let it paralyse you.

Because then someone will buy your product, and it will change their life.

Then none of the above will matter and it will all become deeply worthwhile.