Peggy Sue — we will miss you …

By ShayneT  -  On 28 Oct, 2012 -  2 comments

Pets will always have a special place in our family. We consider our 3 dogs, 13 chooks, and 4 horses a treasured part of our lives. But no matter how strong the bond I hold with our furry or feathered or scaled family members, it will never reach the level of love shared between my partner Justine and her pony Peggy Sue.

Peggy was her first pony, the one that started her passion for horses and for more than 23 years was a part of her daily life. They grew up together, achieved more success, shared more laughter and tears than anyone or anything else in Juz’s life.

Sadly last night, Peggy Sue Passed away.

She was nearing 30 years old, which in pony terms is a pretty good run. But never took a minute of it for granted.

Whilst a growing dark thought in the back of our minds as the years went on, it all happened suddenly last night. Her suffering was short and took nothing away from the grand life of this beautiful girl.

Peggy was the pony that everyone dreams of owning. She was well behaved and proper when asked, but was always up for a game or two, or three, or four. First in line when the carrots or liquorish came out of the tack room and even in her old age, kept the 3 boys of the house in check.

In typcial Peggy style, in her last days, she still had one more gift to give…

She decided her final competition was going to see her become a calender girl, and set out to be the star of next years Hygain Calendar. Having already been named miss December, she was far from done. Fixing her gaze now on the cover and even raided my twitter account to make her case …

But even being the great competitor she was, she just couldn’t hold on — it was time for her to go.

Whilst she’s at piece now, there will always be an emptiness in our paddocks and special part of us forever dedicated to her memory.

… we just simply want to say.

Peggy Sue, we will miss you.