You have my permission to succeed

By ShayneT  -  On 18 Sep, 2013 -  3 comments

My last remark at my product panel at the Problogger event was simply…

I give you my permission to succeed.

At the time it probably stuck with more to  than it did to you so I wanted to explore it a little further.

As a product and monetisiation guy at a conference full of 450 bloggers, questions about where to start, how to start, what to start and where to go next represent a pretty big chunk of a steady line of inquiry.

As much as give the answer, I often try to understand why you’re asking me these question. I find, more often that not, you already know the answers, you’ve done the work, all your asking is for permission from someone who’s done it before.

I want this post to serve as a reminder to all the people I spoke with at the event.

You don’t need to ask. You have my permission. Go make something wonderful.

The longer you hesitate, the more you think should I shouldn’t I, the more energy you’ll waste wondering. Transfer that thinking energy into doing, and the conversations we’ll have next year will be very different.

I promise.