My Greatest Product Launch Of All Time

By ShayneT  -  On 16 Jan, 2013 -  6 comments

I’ve known this launch has been coming for a couple of months now, but you could say preparation for this one has been happening since the day I was born.

Confused? Don’t worry so am I …

With an all clear 13-week scan this morning I am proud to announce that in the middle of this year, all things going to plan, I’m going to be a Dad.

Amazingly scary.

There’s always a lesson or two to learn when you bring a new something into this world, but I’m sure there will be a whole new dimension to this one.

I feel like I’m back to my very first launch where there a more questions than answers.

Consider this my per-launch tease as I’m sure there will be many more stories to share. Some delightful, others not so much. I do also want to give the mums-who-have-a-blog, who owe me a favor or two a bit of a heads up. As a product guy I know my stuff, as a Father I don’t have a clue! Your email addresses have been put on quick reply.

I’ll keep this short as it’s back to work. I need to figure out how to fund this lifelong launch.

As you were.