Inspiration is just noise unless there’s action (PBEVENT 2013)

By ShayneT  -  On 16 Sep, 2013 -  12 comments

With my 4th Proglogger Event now over, I can rest.

I always feel that I have a unique view of the event. I have the honor to speak and share my own experience, I have the honor of being part of the PBEVENT team on the fringe (I can’t take much credit for the huge effort that goes in), I have the honor of listening to some amazing people who can teach me so much and inspire me deeply. Not just the people speaking, everyone in the audience too.

As I jumped on the plane to come home, I had already started to reflect and overall I absorbed so much, these are the things that I can’t get out of my mind.

Inspiration is just noise unless there’s action

I worry for myself, I worry for everyone at the event in that all that’s said and good across the two days get’s lost when the reality of life kicks in. There were a few kick up the backside moments for me this weekend, and the temptation of normality is already there as I look at 1,000 emails full of urgent request. But together we must find a way to make the inspiration stick.

ME and YOU need read less write more

There are two parts to this story, one for you and one for me. For me, I need consistency with my writing. I’m more practitioner that writer and I struggle to write. I need to find the routine to write and share and teach because hearing some of the amazing stories this year, from what I shared the year before makes me so proud.

The second part of this is I hear lots of product creation theorem,  books you’ve read, people you’ve followed and that’s all great. But if you read them all you’ll never create something. So read less and write more then tell me next year what was more rewarding.

I’ll watch 8 years of TV in my life

Perhaps a fleeting remark, but what could I do with that 8 years. Scary.

I need to re-ignite my exercise routine

This is indirectly related to the conference. But I get to talk to a lot of nutrition and fitness and wellbeing bloggers at the event. I’ve let my exercise routine drop in the last 6 months and the energy these bloggers bring to the event have rubbed off.

I miss my time at SitePoint

A few beers and tequilas were had with the new team from my old masters at SitePoint. Sharing stories and reflecting on what we did there, I miss that time. I wouldn’t go back, it’s not where I’m at, but I might connect with a few people there, and try bring the spirit we had at that place to my team.  We made magic happen there.

I need to stop starting things

Currently I have 4 sites to run, 5 major projects, and 5 more I’d like to begin. I need to slow this down and start knocking them over one at a time. Oh and also set a reminder stop myself trying to squeeze in that new idea that I’ll no doubt come up with tomorrow.

I need figure out what I want to be when I grow up

I have a boss, I run a company, I create, I manage, I teach I lead. It’s to much, I need to figure out exactly what I want to be. Right now I don’t know. I love the doing, I love the sharing, I love creating things for others just as much as creating things for myself.

So next year, I want you to slap me if you ask what it is I do and my response is … “it’s complicated”.

I need to speak more

Speaking, is something I just love to do. I get great feedback when I do, but I get comparison paralysation when I look at people list Tsh, like Darren, and so many others. I’ll clear a room if I tried to sing a song like Clare Bowditch.

But wait. I love speaking. I get great feedback. Something is not right here.

I need to find the courage to walk up to someone and introduce myself

The Problogger event is a conference where is should be the easiest for me to walk up to someone and say hello. The people are so nice and friendly, I’m a speaker, I’m on the PBTEAM. But yet, I still sit in my corner waiting for someone to say hello.

Can someone please figure this out and bottle it for me!

I think google+ is my thing

I use all social networks professionally, but I’ve predominately used twitter personally. It’s got me so far but I think it’s time to play with something new. With my shift to Android for my Phone and Tablet I think google+ is where I might start hanging out a little more.  You can find me here.

That’s it for now, I’m sure more will fall out of the reflective parts of my brain. Thank you everyone with a wonderful 2013 PBEVENT and now that I won’t be fined…

BRING ON 2014!!!!!


    • Don’t throw your headset mic when your speaking. People will laugh, but the AV guy won’t be happy.
    • If you’re going to do a panel with ed dale, don’t expect to speak much.
    • PPS I like ed and have known him for a decade so this is cheeky not serious.
    • Wait for the tequila shots to be finished before you arrive at the club.
    • They won’t serve beer at a wine tasting night.
    • Have breakfast before you go on a brewery tour.

… and who do I need to bribe to get me a google glass!!!!