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Your customers don’t have their head in the sand anymore

By ShayneT  -  On 06 Aug, 2013 -  2 comments

Please forgive me, it has been many months since my last post … Baby aside… the last few weeks I’ve been intensively working on launching a new eBook over on dPS. A book all about landscapes. Launches always throw up something new, and other than this being the fastest selling eBook of all time on

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(whisper) “up to” (shout) “50% OFF EVERYTHING”

By ShayneT  -  On 28 Feb, 2013 -  4 comments

Marketers we can do better … How companies get away with this frustrates me. We have laws about false and misleading conduct and just last night I watched a TV add that made this claim yet again. This is clearly written, displayed and said in a way to fool people into thinking everything is 50%

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My Greatest Product Launch Of All Time

By ShayneT  -  On 16 Jan, 2013 -  6 comments

I’ve known this launch has been coming for a couple of months now, but you could say preparation for this one has been happening since the day I was born. Confused? Don’t worry so am I … With an all clear 13-week scan this morning I am proud to announce that in the middle of

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